Pay Per Click

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An introduction to pay per click (PPC)

So you’ve heard about organic positions via SEO, and you’ve also heard about pay per click, so what’s the difference and which one should you choose? Gaining organic rankings via SEO takes time and devotion whilst your site is built up and optimised, whereas PPC offers instant traffic.

If you’re not ranking on specific search terms or want to see an immediate increase in traffic to your website whilst your SEO strategy gains traction, a pay per click campaign could work for you. Boost your visibility on specific search terms so that potential customers can see your products and service straight away.

Targeted Advertising

Show your advert to people searching for specific keywords or interests, meaning you can target an exact audience or demographic.

Direct your adverts to a relevant page on your website, which will increase your chances of conversion. 

Instant Traffic

As soon as your PPC campaign is launched, you should expect to see an immediate increase in traffic to your website.

All of your visitors will be keyword or demographically targeted, so you should only see qualified customers visiting your website who are actively interested in the advertised product or service.


With PPC, you only pay each time your advert is clicked, meaning you're not spending money unless someone is visiting your website.

We work with you to calculate a reasonable budget and distribute your spending throughout the month so that you see a constant and steady stream of visitors coming to your website.

Return on Investment

PPC allows you to provide a measurable return on investment (ROI) to see exactly how much traffic your adverts are driving to your website and then how much of that traffic converts into paying customers.