How Pharmacies Can Use Social Media To Boost Online Presence

Jun 25, 2024

Pharmacies with websites will naturally be seeking ways to boost their search engine optimisation and increase their online presence. Customers increasingly expect to be able to carry out routine tasks such as ordering repeat prescriptions online, and even book consultations with pharmacists for minor ailments. 

This is an excellent opportunity to build up a loyal customer base, who will also use the pharmacy for regular purchases and one-off buys. However, the first step is to drive traffic to your website and encourage customers to meaningfully engage with the content. Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways you can do this. Here are some tips.

Choose the right platforms

The first step is to utilise platforms that will reach your target audience. Your pharmacy may want to aim for several different platforms to ensure a broad reach across all demographics. Sites such as Facebook have 2.9 billion active users, allowing you to tap into huge potential new audiences. 

You can set up community group pages targeted at a specific area, where you will be able to share the latest updates on your pharmacy services or products, and engage directly with customers. Large platforms such as Facebook also include the option for targeted ads and detailed analytics tools to monitor their performance. 

X (formerly known as Twitter) is a great platform for sharing topical news items such as updates about vaccinations or seasonal illnesses. It’s very much up to the minute, and it’s easy to repost content and reply directly to individual customers. YouTube is perfect for sharing video content such as how-to guides and informational material.

Engaging content ideas

People turn to social media for advice and recommendations, and share useful and relevant content with other users. Here are some tips to boost social media engagement rates.

Health advice for common illnesses and ailments

Share tips for diagnosing and treating common ailments such as earache and coughs, or minor injuries. Include relevant topics such as how to avoid dehydration during heatwaves, or keep vulnerable people warm during cold snaps. 

Video content

Short video content of under two minutes is one of the best ways to boost engagement, because people increasingly browse on their phones and this is not always friendly for written content such as blogs and articles. Videos do not have to be slick professional productions; they can simply be demonstrations on how to use products correctly and so on.

Interactive content

Interactive content such as live Q&A sessions, quizzes and surveys are a way to directly engage with your audience and build up a sense of authenticity and trust: they are proof that you are more than just a faceless brand. 

Special events or offers

If your pharmacy is launching a new product or service, make use of social media to spread the word and drum up interest. You can also use social media to announce time-limited offers or discounts to encourage users to take action.