Creating Content That Boosts Traffic For Online Pharmacies

Apr 25, 2024

Content marketing should be a part of the digital marketing strategy for any online pharmacy that is aiming to boost its search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Good quality web content is not about crafting persuasive sales pitches, but about providing interesting, useful, and relevant content. 

This type of content will help your business to reach a wider audience and build up a reputation as a responsive and trustworthy source of information. Here are some suggestions for pharmacy website content that will cut through to your target audience. 

Blog posts

Regular blog posts are the cornerstone of a solid SEO strategy, because they will keep your content fresh and relevant and provide a huge scope to connect with your target audience’s online search queries. Links can be included in email newsletters and social media posts, and they can be reproduced in offline marketing materials. 

Ensure that your blogs cover a wide range of topics, rather than just using them as a platform to showcase your products and services. Modern audiences are discerning and will not have the patience to read long sales pitches. Instead, cover useful and educational material such as seasonal healthcare tips, for example how to cope with hay fever.

Question & Answer pages

Healthcare is naturally a topic that raises a lot of questions and queries, and people frequently turn to search engines for the answers. Q&A content can be included in blog posts, or used to create separate permanent pages on your website for the most frequent queries.

This not only improves the site visibility in search engine results pages, but can save time replying to individual queries or phone calls, freeing up your staff for other duties. You could even integrate Q&A with live chat sessions via video or social media posts. 


Healthcare can be a complex topic, and a strong visual element to your content can help to clarify information and make it easy to digest. Infographics also help to overcome language barriers and are useful for people who have learning difficulties such as dyslexia. 

Use infographics to present statistical information, such as population demographics in relation to specific ailments and diseases. This type of content is useful for creating eye-catching and shareable social media posts. 

Responsive content

Keep your content fresh and relevant with a proactive approach that responds to the latest issues in healthcare, or emerging technologies and trends. Stay ahead of the news and any current public health issues, and craft well-informed responses that add value for readers.

Short video content

Short videos are soaring in popularity as a content marketing tool, as audiences shift away from desktop devices and increasingly access the web from handheld devices. For pharmacy websites, they are an ideal medium to demonstrate how to use products correctly, or provide memorable and clear explanations of complex health problems. 

Customer generated content

User generated content such as reviews and feedback is useful for building trust and authenticity. Respond to all comments in a professional manner, and ensure that you have permission before sharing any customer stories.