The Difference Between Local SEO And International SEO

Jun 30, 2022

Pharmaceutical companies that want to expand into the global market might need to change their search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, as there is a substantial difference between local and international SEO.

While they both use the same best practices when it comes to making web content as optimised as possible to achieve higher rankings in internet searches, they also require understanding and knowledge of other factors.

For instance, a company with multiple websites in various countries needs to make sure each site’s SEO does not compete or conflict with each other.

Search Engine Journal states: “Your local market websites may be competing against each other, or the worst case, may not be indexed at all.”

Therefore, it is important to look at the overall performance of the global websites, taking particular care when using the canonical tag or hreflang tag.

In addition to this, experts need to take local languages, audiences, and competitors into consideration.

News From Wales appreciates how important local SEO can be to certain businesses, saying: “SEO tools will help the business to rank higher, but once you add in the local tools – it’s a winning combination.”

Any company that relies on customers coming into their premises in person will benefit greatly from local SEO, as lots of people want to support community businesses these days, so they are on the look-out for anything nearby.

In addition to this, adopting local SEO can help companies build brand awareness in the area, so it becomes the go-to firm that everyone close-by recognises and recommends.

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