SEO Tips On E-Commerce Sites

May 9, 2022

Businesses that use their websites to sell products need to make sure their e-commerce pages are optimised for search engines just as much as their content pages are, so they can be sure their site will rank highly in Google searches.

Like all webpages, e-commerce ones still rely on using the right keywords in the content for high search engine optimisation (SEO).

One advantage e-commerce sites have is that people will tend to type in long-tail keywords with the addition of colour, size or description to the keyword, such as ‘blue dress in size 10’. Therefore, it is a good idea to include a variety of long-tail keywords on your e-commerce site, as this will target your market.

Additionally, as fewer websites will be using the same long-tail keywords, there will be lower competition and a higher conversion rate.

Tech Zone 360 also recommends identifying the search intent of customers, as this will tell businesses why users look for a particular keyword.

“Know the purpose and create quality content to improve the ranking on the website,” it suggested.

The website also mentioned using influencers to promote the website and provide backlinks, or conducting podcast interviews that offer links on their podcast website.

Alternatively, it might be more appropriate for your business if you write guest blogs for other high authority sites.

By providing useful, relevant, and intelligent information on another website that refers your own e-commerce page, you will gain referral traffic, as well as build your online reputation.

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