‘Risk-Averse’ Pharma Culture Hindering Digital Launches

Jun 8, 2022

A new report has suggested that the inherently risk-averse culture in the pharmaceutical industry is proving to be an obstacle for digital product launches, with just four per cent of these currently proving to be successful in their endeavours.

Carried out by Graphite and Reuters Events, the study covered digital products such as websites, apps and patient-facing digital tools, rather than medication, Fierce Pharma reports.

It was found that 91 per cent agree that digital products can add value to both healthcare providers and patients, helping to support the overall customer experience. However, just four per cent of those asked said they see success on a regular basis.

Managing director of Graphite Rob Verheul explained that the problem is a broad one, saying: “A naturally risk-averse culture results in projects taking a long time to get to market and, when they do arrive, their purpose and impact are often lower than originally intended.”

Another identified issue was a lack of digital experience and in-house digital maturity within organisations, a problem cited by many who were having lower rates of success.

Where to focus efforts is also proving problematic, according to the study, with 80 per cent saying that pharma prioritises apps and websites, but neglects to create services that are capable of driving long-term engagement.

Customer engagement strategies can really benefit those in the healthcare industry, which is fast becoming more consumer-focused. Online and offline channels will both prove beneficial in this regard and strategies could include everything from social media, SEO and PPC to print materials, TV and radio ads and conference marketing.

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