Lessons We Can Learn From Healthcare Rebranding Successes And Failures

Jul 7, 2022

Much like how the healthcare world rapidly changes, expands and transforms itself in the face of technological advances, cultural shifts in medicine and transformations in the healthcare marketplace, pharmacy digital marketing does the same.

A rebranding exercise therefore can be an exceptionally important way to highlight that the scope of a business has changed or that they provide greater or different services from the ones it offered before.

With how variable the results can be of rebranding exercises, here are some examples of what they get right and what they get wrong.

Cancer Research UK

After over a decade of helping save lives and boosting research into positive health outcomes for cancer patients, Cancer Research UK looked at their dotted arrow branding and decided it was due an overhaul.

Whilst there wasn’t anything necessarily wrong with the original logo, it was lacking a true connection to the charity and their philanthropic aims outside of vague hints towards progress with the arrow and togetherness with the dots.

Their response was a fantastic transformation, with the different colours of dots forming a C, highlighting how so many different people, from donors to doctors to researchers all come together to provide the best outcomes for people suffering from this life-threatening disease.

Siemens Healthineers

It is doubtless that Siemens had similar goals in mind when they were redesigning and rebranding their health sector with a greater focus on their people and the pioneering work they do to achieve positive health outcomes.

However, their response, the Siemens Healthineers is more likely to evoke a Saturday morning cartoon cast than the evocation of people working in harmony to improve the health of the nation.

Ultimately, whilst you can take some liberties with language to create your brand, make sure to say it and read it a few times to make sure it sounds right and does not take away from the work you do.


Nurx, a US telemedicine company specialising in sexual health, birth control and bodily autonomy initially followed a lot of conventions of new health marketing circa 2015, with rounded lower case letters and a very simplistic brand design.

Interestingly enough, they took a bolder direction with their rebrand, replacing the rounded reddish-pink lettering with black sans-serif, followed by a hand-drawn full stop which has created a striking personal sentiment to the brand.